Bredfield’s Dark Skies

Those who move residence from a town to the village of Bredfield are immediately struck by one thing after their first day of settling-in: “Gosh, isn’t it dark at night here!”  Some people like it immediately, others find the dark streets disconcerting; but most come around to appreciating Bredfield’s dark night skies. Though street lighting […]


Focus on Snowdrops

A harbinger of Spring!  Everyone knows the Snowdrop; everyone loves the Snowdrop. It’s not your Marmite kind of flower. What is perhaps less well-known is that bees and other insects love Snowdrops too. Lovely and wildlife-friendly – what’s not to like? Let’s have closer look at Snowdrops. Snowdrops usually appear in January or February; though, with global warming, they […]


The Robin

It’s now official: the Robin is Britain’s number one favourite bird1. We love them the year round, but especially so at Christmas when envelopes of Robin-adorned Christmas cards arrive at our door. Let’s find out a bit more about Robins and why they’ve become so loved. In Britain, Robins are known as approachable and confiding […]


Bredfield’s Ponds: Old and New

How were our ponds created? There are a good number of ponds to be found around Bredfield. How did they get there? Though ponds can result from geological or other ‘natural’ processes, it is most likely that the ponds around Bredfield are the result of human intervention: ‘man-made’. This feature article examines Bredfield’s ponds from both a […]


Not-so-deadly Nightshade

The plant we’re looking at here has various names: Bittersweet, Woody Nightshade, Bittersweet Nightshade and quite a few others. The scientific name is Solanum dulcamera. It is a native wild plant that evokes mixed reactions. On the one hand, it is an undeniably attractive plant. The flowers are deep purple with bright yellow stamens shooting […]


Focus on Dragonflies and Damselflies

Dragonflies and damselflies are the essence of summer. They are a delight to look at and fascinating to watch in flight. They are also one of the most interesting insects and lend themselves to what are known nowadays as ‘fun facts’. We will look at some of these facts shortly, and then conclude by examining […]


Bredfield’s Moth Morning

On 13th August 2022, Bredfield Wildlife-friendly Village held its first Moth Morning. The night before, Max and Stewart set-up their moth traps in the garden of Bumbles.  People were invited to come at 8am the next morning to see what moths had been caught. In the middle of a long dry and hot period, and […]

Ragwor Pic

Focus on Ragwort

Much maligned, yet poetically celebrated Is there a plant more denigrated and maligned than Ragwort?  In a 2013 article, the Daily Mail claimed that Ragwort has “infested the country”.  In 2014, former Conservative minister Lord Tebbit told the nature charity Buglife that pulling up ragwort should be a low-cost form of National Service for “young […]


Focus on Woodpeckers

‘Drrrrrrrrr’, ‘Drrrrrrrrr’.  When the sound of a beak hitting wood at more than twenty beats per second echoes through the trees, it means that it is time for courtship and territory claim for our commonest woodpecker. The Great Spotted Woodpecker doesn’t sing as a courtship; it’s a drummer. This woodpecker’s head is built for drumming: […]


One year old!

A report on the first year of Bredfield: Wildlife Friendly Village Bredfield Wildlife Friendly Village (BWFV) was launched one year ago in March 2021. Our project was enabled by a grant of £1,500 from East Suffolk Council, and by encouragement and support from Bredfield Parish Council. The project was launched during restrictions imposed by the […]