Wildlife-friendly learning

Meadows, green spaces and gardens

There are many environments in which nature can thrive and be studied, but local meadows and gardens are often overlooked. Our aim is to help people learn about the significance of meadows, green spaces and gardens as important wildlife-friendly habitats.

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Wildlife Friendly Learning


School children today learn about the natural environment and the threats to it. Our Wildlife Friendly Village project can be an important resource for learning. The Jubilee Meadow & Orchard provides an excellent green space where wildlife can be studied. We will be liaising with local schools – primary and secondary – and making the Bredfield Wildlife Friendly Village project available as a learning resource and as a venue for learning events. 

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Wildlife Friendly Learning Books

Learning for all

The importance and the delight of learning about nature is not restricted to younger people. All age groups are welcome to experience the wildlife of Bredfield’s green spaces. The activity of wildlife-friendly gardening will itself prove interesting and educational.

Through our ‘News and Features’ and our Facebook page, everyone is invited to share their experiences and learning.

“It’s important that natural history isn’t seen as something that is ‘out there’, which you have to travel to. It’s right there in your garden. Public awareness of the natural history of the world as a whole has never been greater. But it’s important to know about the species close to home.”

David Attenborough