Connecting with Nature

Nature connectedness describes our sense of relationship with the natural world. It includes our emotional and intellectual relationship with nature and how we feel we fit within it. Bredfield Wildlife Friendly Village celebrates and advocates nature connectedness, not simply because it stimulates actions to protect nature, but also because it brings improved mental health.

Nature connectedness

Connecting directly with nature can come about by a walk through a woodland, time in the garden, or sitting in a meadow. It’s about seeing, hearing, touching and smelling nature; taking it all in and appreciating it. We can also develop a connection with nature vicariously, through watching television nature programmes, reading a nature book, or being part of nature-related social media. When we develop a connection with nature, we might then want to do something to help conserve the nature we love

Through our Facebook group, everyone is invited to share their experiences and learning about local nature.


Nature connectedness has the additional benefit of being good for us; good for our wellbeing. Research has clearly shown that connecting directly with nature can bring improvements in mood, cognition, and health. Doctors recognise this and they are now, for mental health problems, likely to prescribe time connecting with nature, rather than resorting to a prescription of pills.

Learning for all

Most people will want to give a name to the nature they are seeing, and know a bit more about the various aspects of nature they experience. Part of the mission of Bredfield Wildlife Friendly Village is to encourage and assist learning about nature. We are interested in helping school children learn about nature, but also helping adults. When it comes to nature, you’re never too old to stop learning. Various resources are available on this website; including ID guides to local flora and fauna; and learning resources for schools.

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The wildlife of Bredfield: commentary, guides and check lists

ID guides to the flora and insects of Bredfield meadow and orchard

“We need a new more connected relationship that recognises that we are part of nature. This is a relationship that will bring both pro-nature behaviours and improved mental well-being.

Nature Connectedness Research Group