Our support

The Bredfield: Wildlife Friendly Village project has received support and help from the following organisations, groups and individuals. We would like to thank them.

Bredfield Parish Council

Bredfield: Wildlife Friendly Village is a project belonging to Bredfield Parish Council. The idea for the Wildlife Friendly Village project emerged from a statement and commitment included in the draft Bredfield Neighbourhood Plan.

East Suffolk Council

East Suffolk Council, through its Community Partnership Scheme, has provided a generous start-up grant for this project.

East Suffolk Community Partnerships Logo

Risby: Wildlife Friendly Village

We would like to thank Sophie Flux and everyone at Risby: Wildlife Friendly Village for all their advice and inspiration.

wfvrisby logo

Community Action Suffolk

Our thanks to IT support at Community Action Suffolk for help in building the website.

CommunityActionSuffolk logo

Bredfield Residents

Bredfield couldn’t become ‘wildlife-friendly’ without the support and commitment of local residents. Thank you for making this a vibrant community project.

Local Schools

We would like to thank local primary schools and the Green Council at Farlingaye High School for the interest they have shown in our mission to encourage ‘wildlife-friendly learning’.

Jonathan Harker

Our logo was designed by Jonathan Harker. He is a talented graphic designer and excellent to work with.

Bredfield Jubilee Meadow and Orchard

Bredfield Jubilee Meadow & Orchard is at the heart of this project. Thank you to committee members and volunteers, past and present, who helped secure and tend for this wildlife haven.


St Andrew’s Parochial Church Council

We thank the Parochial Church Council of St Andrew’s Church, Bredfield, for permission to dig and grow a wild-flower patch in the church grounds.