Learning resources

Outdoor learning and indoor learning

Below are a number of educational exercises and presentations. Some are for use outdoors, others are desk exercises. Worksheets aimed at older age groups will require research beyond the information provided in the presentations.

What age group?

An indication of the relevant age group for each exercise is given, but these are only a guide. Exercises for younger children might be fun for older children to participate in. Exercises for older children might helpfully stretch the learning of younger children.


The purpose of these educational resources is to encourage learning about nature and the environment; i.e. ‘wildlife-friendly learning’. The subject matter focuses upon: meadows and gardens; flowers and grasses; and insects. These are aspects of nature that are often neglected in learning about wildlife and the environment (where the focus is often on forests and wetlands, mammals are birds).

Please don’t harm the plants and insects

If visiting our meadow and orchard, or any other green space, you should be very careful not to harm plants and insects. If there are paths, please stay on them. Thank you.

An insect’s micro-journey

Suitable for 6-10 years

Meadows and gardens for wildlife

Suitable for 9-12 years

Wordsearch plus: in the meadow

Suitable for 6-10 years

Meadowland grasses

Suitable for 11-14 years