Bredfield’s Wildlife

Bredfield has a fine rural location but, with the exception of the meadow and orchard, it doesn’t contain a variety of different habitats. There are no heathlands, wetlands, estuaries or uplands here. Nevertheless, nature thrives amongst the green spaces and gardens of the village. With careful and patient observation, you are likely to see a good variety of wildlife here.

The presence and density of mammals, birds, and insects can indicate the general state of nature in a particular location. When mammals, birds and insects that were once common begin to decline, it is usually a sign that all is not well with local habitats; that they are not, as we are saying here, wildlife-friendly.

Follow the links provided below to see: annotated lists of the birds and butterflies of Bredfield; and a checklist of the moths of Bredfield.


“It’s important that natural history isn’t seen as something that is ‘out there’, which you have to travel to. It’s right there in your garden. Public awareness of the natural history of the world as a whole has never been greater. But it’s important to know about the species close to home.”

David Attenborough