Nature in danger

Buff-tailed Bumblebee 2
The state of nature

According to the scientific State of Nature Report 2019, since 1970 there was a 13% decline in the average abundance of the UK wildlife species studied.

Butterflies (down by 17%) and moths (down by 25%) have suffered particularly

badly. 26% of UK mammal species are at risk of disappearing completely.

There were once natural

wildflower meadows in every parish in Britain, but today only 2% of the meadows

that existed in the 1930s remain.

What’s going wrong?

Nature is suffering from the effects of three devastating forces, all happening at the same time: habitat loss; chemical pollution; and climate change.

Wildlife needs as many havens as we can provide, if it is to stand a chance of surviving.

Our contribution

Bredfield can play its small part, by trying to make our gardens and green spaces as wildlife-friendly as we can.

We will not be alone. Green initiatives are springing up in cities, towns and villages

across the UK and abroad.

We invite you to join with us to make Bredfield a thriving

wildlife-friendly village.

“I worry that people don’t recognise how valuable their individual actions are in sparking change. Planting wildflowers, drilling a few holes in bricks, being a bit ‘lazier’ in the garden, can encourage so much wildlife to your doorstep – it couldn’t be easier.”

Sophie Pavelle, aged 24 – quoted in the State of Nature Report 2019