How you can help locally

Spread the news

Take steps to make your garden more wildlife-friendly and tell others what you’ve done. You can write a short summary and send it to the address on the ‘contact us’ page, or you could post a message on the (forthcoming) group Facebook page. Why not write a news article for this website.


You could help with the organised planting of wildflowers in the village’s green spaces. Help is always need with events. See announcements on the ‘news’ page.


Volunteer your services in other ways, such as: designing educational materials; making and erecting signs; providing advice on planting and caring for wildflowers; taking photographs; writing funding bids; providing advice on wildlife-friendly agriculture; making events accessible to all; and so much more.


Join the Bredfield: Wildlife Friendly Village group.

Apple Pressing 2018

Getting involved at Bredfield Jubilee Meadow and Orchard apple pressing day.

See what other places and organisations are doing: