Bredfield viewed from above

Bredfield is a village situated in east-Suffolk, near the town of Woodbridge. There are around 140 houses in Bredfield, most situated along the road that runs through the village. At the south-end of the village is the wildflower-rich Bredfield Jubilee Meadow and Orchard. In the centre of the village lies the historic Church of St Andrew, which dates back to the 13th century. At the north-end of Bredfield, is the active Village Hall and Village Shop. The village is surrounded by arable farm land, around and through which are several countryside footpaths. You can find out more about Bredfield from the village website.

Nearly all of the photos, of places and wildlife, on this website were taken in and around Bredfield.

Circular Walks around Bredfield

Discover Suffolk have produced a guide to three beautiful circular walks around Bredfield. You can pick up a copy in the Village Shop or download a copy using the link below.

“The gardens and associated spaces within the parish provide a wide range of semi-natural habitats with significant biodiversity value. Simple actions taken across the community such as creating a community nature reserve in small areas across the parish can have significant benefits for wildlife and add an enjoyable focus to community life.”

Extract from the Bredfield Neighbourhood Plan