We are not alone

Something is stirring in villages, towns and city districts in Britain. Residents are coming together and starting projects to protect and enhance wildlife in their local communities. Sometimes, like Bredfield, they go by the name of a ‘wildlife-friendly village’; sometimes by another name. Whatever the name, these communities are intent on making gardens, churchyards, verges, […]

Feathered Thorn

Camouflage and Mimicry

“Gosh, that looks just like …. “: a bee, a leaf, a flower, a stick, or something else. “But, it’s not!” Sometimes, nature can deceive you into thinking you are seeing something else, or not seeing anything at all. A moth, sat on a branch, may blend in so well with the branch, that you […]

IMG_0357 (2)

A Walk on the Wild Side

On 12th June, we held a Wildflower Walk at Bredfield Jubilee Meadow and Orchard. After a prolonged period of restrictions, it was great to able to organize and participate in a community event. A dozen people – young and older, faces new and familiar – joined the walk which was expertly led by Laurie Forsyth. […]